On March 21, 1991 our then 2-year-old daughter, Kelly, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. The medical team estimated that she had a 10% chance of survival. After multiple surgeries, a year of intense chemotherapy, and much support from family, friends, and caring strangers, the cancer was gone. Our daughter remains cancer free. These life-changing events have led to the formation of this non-profit, charitable, organization – Good Deeds.

During the course of our experiences, many people assisted us in our efforts to love, care for, and cure our daughter. Our special medical circumstances not only affected our immediate family, they had a profound impact on our extended family as well. Our goal is to give others, faced with similar difficult situations, their best chance at beating the odds, by providing assistance not available through any other organizations.

Good Deeds is organized to provide assistance to families with special medical circumstances, more specifically, those that are unsupported by other organizations. We perform our “Good Deeds” based on an individual basis. To some people this may seem too vague, however, we know from our own experience, that every situation is different and must be considered as unique. Our assistance is focused to benefit the family affected by a special medical condition. Good Deeds,”That’s What We Do“.

The good deeds that this organization provides is our way of us saying, “Thank You” to everyone that has helped our family.

Good Deeds
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Phone: 503-349-7585

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