When finding out about your child having a life threatening illness like cancer, the last thing you should have to worry about is your financial worries.  As a single mom the only thing I could focus on was the health of my daughter.  I needed support and wasn’t sure where I could go for help or if there was even any help out there.  My co-workers researched and contacted Good Deeds.  Good Deeds offered me assistance and guidance.  They put together an amazing fundraiser, which was a huge success, which allowed me to stay home with my daughter through her entire treatment.  I don’t know how Icould ever thank such a great group of people.  I am forever grateful for their compassion for me and other families they have supported.  Even after my daughters treatment, Good Deeds has continued to maintain a relationship with our family.  Each member of Good Deeds has made an impact in our family and lives forever.   Anonymous.


Good Deeds fits a critical niche in our community.  It can be very difficult to identify the right advocates when need arises, and Good Deeds is consistently available to be a blessing.  Good Deeds has blessed our work at the Portland Leadership Foundation as we seek to engage underrepresented communities.  I am so grateful that families facing medical challenges have an organization like Good Deeds to turn to.


Ben Sand
Portland Leadership Foundation