Child in hospital

When a previously normal family routine is suddenly changed with a
special medical circumstance, most the focus of that family is then directed to the person with a medical condition.  The extreme disruptive nature of these situations causes families to instantly change.  The ability to work is often eliminated by the medical situation, and additional significant medical expenses usually accompany every special medical circumstance.
At Good Deeds we assist families to continue with previously routine
expenses during their difficult time, and we take care of some of the new expenses that come with the situation.  In addition to direct financial support, we frequently provide assistance with donated goods and services from local area businesses and individuals.  Making community connections for these families allows members of the community to donate their special goods/services at no charge and fill an instant need in the community.

To give donors a better idea of how we utilize the donations received from the public, the following are some examples of the assistance we have provided to families with special medical circumstances…

GENERAL HOUSEHOLD: Household Items, Furniture, Clothing, Food, Athletic Expenses

PAID SERVICES: Housekeeping, Moving Service, Household Repairs, Daycare

PAYING BILLS: House Payments, Rent, Utilities, Ambulance Bill, Fuel Expenses

ADDITIONAL NEEDS: Necessary Automobile Repair Expenses, Brakes, Tires

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Specialized Wheelchair, Modifications to Home for Access, Medications, Doctor Bills

DONATED GOODS/SERVICES: Hotel Accommodations, Bicycle Tour, Swim With Dolphins

PROFESSIONAL CONNECTIONS: Moving Service, Accounting, Financial Planning, Wholesale Automobile, Household Repairs and Maintenance, Brakes, Tires, Specialized Daycare

HOLIDAY GIVING: Every year, during the holiday season, we deliver financial support, gifts, and food to multiple families with special medical circumstances.